Hej och välkommen!

Welcome to the Swedish Association in Auckland

The Swedish Association in Auckland started in 1989. We are a small but active society for Swedes and friends in and around Auckland.

We want to give our members the opportunity to:

Speak Swedish

The opportunity to speak, hear and learn Swedish.

Meet Swedes

Get in touch with other Swedes in the area.

Enjoy Swedish food

Meet and eat food, like our popular Pea soup evening.

Celebrate Swedish culture

Maintain Swedish traditions and share experiences.

Next event:

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Want to be a member?

We meet 4-5 times a year at major events to celebrate Lucia, Midsummer, National Day etc, but also every now and then for example to go and see Swedish films or concerts.


Parents of young children meet regularly to give their children the opportunity to hear and speak Swedish. In addition, we have Swedish school for older children (six years and up) that are held for 1.5 hours each week after normal school hours.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about anything you have read here on the website!