Sweden’s National Day

We celebrate the Swedish National Day on the 6 June.

Time and venue will be decided about a month in advance and will be publicised under Upcoming Activities and on our facebook page. An invitation will also be sent to all our members.

General information: We will meet to wave the Swedish Flag, sing the National Anthem and mingle.
Members get a free drink and some fingerfood.

Since 1983, Sweden has celebrated its National Day on 6 June. This is the date on which Gustav Vasa was crowned king in 1523 and on which a new constitution was adopted in 1809. The original idea came from Artur Hazelius, who founded the Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm and held a national day celebration there on 6 June as early as the 1890s.

Everyone is welcome! For questions please send us an email info@svenskaforeningen.org.nz